“…when enough people believe and take positive action, beautiful things that initially seem impossible are achievable through dedication, passion and project planning.”


Whoop! Are you our newest volunteer? Thank you. No matter your interests or skills if you want to help; you can. Whether you are looking for a volunteer opportunity abroad or just wanting to lend a local hand, we’ll find somewhere for you to fit in. There is a lot we can do together for South African underprivileged youth.

Get in contact, talk to us: we could use your heart, time and skills!

Have a read through of some of our suggestions below, take the time to think it through, and then get in contact with us

Don’t see your passion on the list?
The most important volunteers we have actually are not on this list – these are our community project leaders who dedicate their time and their hearts to our grass roots in-community projects.  We are always on the lookout for those people with  drive, dedication and the ability to lead, a love for their communities and  hopes and dreams for the future.

We know we ARE changing children’s lives.

We are always searching for funders of the Trust who will help us to reach out to more children, funding could be in the form of a one off donation or long term contributions to our projects from individuals, organisations and Corporate companies who enjoy social responsibility.

Please spread the word, get involved and help us to do more.

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Other areas in which we need help

  • Fundraising! Do you have a big social network and would you like to organise a fundraising event amongst your friends?  Perhaps you are an adventurer and would like to tie your next mission with one of our projects? That’s exciting. You could come and talk to our youth before and after your mission and inspire them with your determination.
  • Grant applications and CSI connections – Would you take satisfaction from helping Rainbow Dreams Trust achieve it’s first partnership with a a businesses social responsibility department? Can you help us identify and apply for grants? Would you enjoy spending some time down at the Inyathelo Resource Center training yourself up where you need to? then putting your knowledge into practise by creating these partnerships with business, governmental departments and other NGOs who are also passionate about the welfare of our underprivileged South African youth.
  • Communications Officer(s) – do you have time to get to understand and be a part of the heart of Rainbow Dreams Trust in order to be able to write copy in our voice? are you able to post updates on facebook on progress of the many projects we operate? can you help us keep our website up to date? Would you like the challenge of producing a short but informative Annual Report, one with photos and quotes from our project leaders and youth members that show the value of our work alongside concrete facts and figures?  Can you provide skillful hands on deck  to translate that interest created by press into more volunteers or donations.
  • Graphic Designers – are you an experienced designer who would you like to help us with posters for our clubs, with development of banners and design for tshirts? We do cool stuff! Help us also portray ourselves well. A word of warning – we have a history of over utilising Comic Sans; we really need you!
  • Photographers and Videographers – do you have a passion for capturing a moment? We would love time from someone who is able to understand and capture our work on film, has a love of post production and understands that 10 great colour graded images are better than 400 unsorted images. Do you work in film? We have many events to capture, we also have many in community volunteers who can talk knowledgeably and with passion on the challenges for youth in their community. Come and make friends and do your thing. You will have a lot of creative freedom; capture the truth as you find it.
  • Reporters and Media Connected People– help us develop a presskit and write a press release or two for one of our events. We do not currently have the time to effectively get our message out into the local papers, we run everything in office on volunteerism and a shoestring. We have spoken on SABC before, we have great people volunteering with us with interesting stories and with passion and drive. These things make for great good news articles.

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