#BreakingWalls 2020 International Summit

#BreakingWalls 2020 International Summit

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#BreakingWalls 2020 International Summit was to have been in Bucharest, however, due to Covid19, we were not able to travel. So!!  Do we cancel, 2020, or do we attempt to hold a ‘virtual’ cooperative. Our intrepid Director Fran Tarr….said why not…so we did. Oh my word…what a challenge  for everyone involved, So proud of our #RainbowDreamsTrust club members who were part of the South African team. What an amazing experience for us all.

The artists wrote on their chosen subject and then each had a choice of working with an  Artistic mentor  in a ‘breakaway room’ to assist them with their written piece, that would be presented in the culminating performance. 

The choice of mentors, spoken word, monologue, dance, voice, visual art, videography. What an amazing opportunity for all of these 30 artists from around the world . Included in the programme was Leadership Apprentice training that our Director Dannie leads. From how to handle todays uncertainties,  how to deal with conflict and finding your true values. All in all, our first ‘virtual’# BreakingWalls, is proving to be a huge success.

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