Freeby Store

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Chapter 7. Freeby Store

Our latest project was to address the crippling shack fires that take place in Cape Town every year. We wanted to be able to have a store of clothing, bedding household goods, ready to assist the people who literally lose everything time and again. 

Are you interested in helping us in any of these areas:

  • To Be A Child Youth Club Volunteer
  • Camp Hope Volunteer
  • Administration
  • Sponsor
  • Help with Media
  • Other

Please Contact us at: 

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The object is to have privileged schools have their students bring to school items of clothing etc from their homes.  We call it ‘GIVE BACK FRIDAY’ We feel it is important that privileged children, from an early age should be made to be aware of those less privileged and unleash the joy of ‘giving back’.

We have now enlisted the help of Churches, for congregants to bring items to Church… ’GIVE BACK SUNDAY’.We hope to encourage Corporate companies to join us, enabling their staff to be engaged in helping those less privileged in a personal manner.

Such is the success of this project, we are now able to help even more families who are suffering from poverty. With our collections, children are now able to go to school, properly clothed, and destitute families regaining their dignity.