Breaking Walls

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Chapter 5. Breaking Walls

An International writing theatre project, allows young people to speak their truth and work together to eliminate all and any form of discrimination.

To work for peace, non-discrimination, true acceptance of different race, cultures, religion and gender orientation globally.

Every year RDT takes 4 of our Youth club members, who have earned this privilege, to attend the Breaking Walls International summit overseas. Here they meet with some 30 other students from around the world.

For two weeks, they will work together, writing, discussing and debating ways with which to put an end to Global mis-communication, this work culminates in a live performance.; an extremely powerful project.

In 2015 RDT brought the project to Cape Town and now hold an annual 5-day camp with 24 students. 8 White children from privileged schools, 8 Coloured students from a gang troubled area and 8 African students from RDT’s Township youth clubs. Breaking the walls of intolerance and misunderstanding, teaching these children how to understand and accept each other’s differences.

Breaking Walls & Rainbow Dreams Trust – Cape Town 2023

Breaking Walls & Rainbow Dreams Trust – Cape Town 2022

Breaking Virtual Walls – Internationally 2020

Breaking Walls & Rainbow Dreams Trust – Cape Town 2019