‘We didn’t join a gang, we didn’t join the drug squad, we joined Rainbow Dreams Trust’

Our township youth clubs thrive on the love and care of our in-community leaders. Our local project leaders, whom we train, are there to help our youth members navigate through the many dangers in their lives. 


The success of this project will be its sustainability, all project leaders are committed to the long term vision.

  • Homework helpers! Our youth club members really need the attention and time of interested adults, and perhaps also other teenagers, to assist them with their homework. If you have an hour or more a week to spare ongoing you will be giving a great gift to our youth.
  • Inspirational Speakers – we work with our club members to help them hold onto hope for their future,  to acknowledge and encourage their strength in pushing past difficulties and obstacles,  we want for our youth self confidence in their own ability and inherent goodness,  we celebrate them working towards the life they want. Do you have a story to tell that will inspire and aid our youth on their journey?

Onke Luthi – TBACA Director

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Peer pressure is strong, with many township children as young as 10 years, getting involved in drugs and gangs and alcohol. We encourage all our members to believe in themselves, to work hard at school and to walk the right path, with the right attitude. We want them to have faith and hope in their own future.

We are able to give our club members an alternative to engaging in negative behaviour by teaching and guiding the children to resist the many temptations to escape the dreariness and hopelessness of their living conditions.

To be a Child Again Youth Clubs

We intend to teach our club members to make informed choices.

Club Motto:
You win or lose by the way you choose. 

Youth Forums & Quizzes

Discussion, Debate and the Development of a thirst for knowledge are encouraged through the yearly quizzes and youth forums.

4 Areas where TBAC Youth Clubs reach the hearts of  children

Our youth members who live in these areas are at huge risk from drugs, gangs, physical and sexual abuse on a daily basis.. Their communities are faced with many problems relating to poverty and overcrowded informal housing areas with large numbers of unemployed among community members.

It is our goal to see the growth of a community built on love, care and safety, together building the foundation for a brighter future for our children.

Imizamo Yethu is an overcrowded township of over 80 000 inhabitants located within the scenic and affluent Hout Bay.

Imizamo Yethu is the site of our first ‘To be a child again’ youth club, established in 2010. The club has 3 in-community project leaders and 25 youth club members. The youth are proud of their club and the respect it holds in the community. They meet five days a week in a small shared community space in the community hall.

Masiphumelele is a township situated in Cape Town between Kommetjie and Noordhoek. Initially known as Site 5, the township was renamed Masiphumelele by its residents, a Xhosa word meaning “We will succeed”. With a population of +- 50 000 people, overcrowding, unemployment and poverty are exceptionally high.

From within the community we currently have 3 club leaders and 25 members.

Khayelitsha is Cape Town’s largest and fastest growing township – so large in fact that the quality of life differs dramatically from one area to another. 

The ‘To be a child again’ Khayelitsha club was established in August 2011. Head Project Leader Nontsasa Nyovane runs the club out of two shipping containers situated on the property of Kuyasa, a local primary school. As the club operates a feeding scheme for 160 school dinners, a hot meal is supplied at all club meetings. Our Khayelitsha Club has a total of 25 members.

Philippi is a large township of around 150 000 inhabitants, of which more than half of the population live in informal settlements. Our club in Philippi offers children who would otherwise be idle on the street a structured environment in which to grow.

The Philippi ‘To be a Child Again’ club was established in 2011. We strive to keep the clubs to twenty five members as a firm rule, in order to be able to give the club members focused attention. 

RDT Soccer | Philippi

Against all odds, our soccer team still manage to practice and compete. With no field to practice on, as land invasion has taken away their remaining piece of eligible land with which to play on close to their homes. However, their spirit remains high,18 team members, now practice on the tar road.

Serving the Community

The importance of giving back into the community, setting an example for others in the community, is part of the ethos of the TBAC Clubs.

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