Camp Hope

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Chapter 2. Camp Hope

We run our camps for the children most in need, with a focus on those with chronic illnesses and disabilities, life situations, also burdened by poverty.

Each camp is especially tailored for the group of children:

The camp we run for children from Athlone School for the Blind is different than a camp for children physically challenged, different again for burn victims, HIV and cancer sufferers.

All our camp buddies, buddy leaders and other volunteers are dedicated, caring individuals who go the extra mile to make our weekend camps as good as they can be for every child who attends. Making sure the children go home with happy memories they can treasure for ever.

Who is Camp Hope for?

We select groups that we find to be the most in need, with a specific focus, allowing us to tailor each camp. Every camp is different and planned to incorporate the various challenges these children face.

Two Camp Hope  camps a year are dedicated to the members of our ‘To be a child again’ Township youth clubs, with 100 registered members  and Rainbow Dreams Trust Township, choir club, with 30 members.  These camps are different, with the focus on inspirational speakers, goal setting, team work and encouraging self discipline.

They are one of the biggest and favourite events of the year for the children, here club members from the different clubs are able to meet and spend quality time with each other.

The Camp Hope weekends instill self-confidence, helping each child to have a better attitude towards their life situation, disability, illness, or home circumstances and, of course, having lots of fun in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment.


Camps Buddies

  • Camp Buddies. Our camp buddies are SO important.  You will become companion and carer for one or two special children for a weekend, hopefully you will return for many more camps.  We have Training orientation days twice a year, where old and new buddies meet. so you will have an opportunity to bond with the team and understand the big and busy timetable we will be running from for the weekend.
  • Hold a Camp Activity– come into camp, set up your activity and run it, you will have the support of all of our buddies. In the past we have had people come in and paint murals and individual portraits but art is not all we do. Perhaps you teach yoga? perhaps you dance or act?

Are you interested in helping us in any of these areas:

  • To Be A Child Youth Club Volunteer
  • Camp Hope Volunteer
  • Administration
  • Sponsor
  • Help with Media
  • Other

Please Contact us at: 

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