Our Big Dream

This is our story

Chapter 8. Our Big Dream

Rainbow Dreams Trust also has a dream, a dream SO big we can barely contain it.

Finding land and building our own permanent “Camp Hope”.

In every can’t – there is a can


We can do so much more, if we have our own camp, we can help our ‘forgotten children’. Why forgotten? Because these disadvantaged children face the same harsh challenges as their healthy able-bodied friends, but suffer the added trauma of being orphaned, abused sick or physically challenged.

Dream our dream with us, contact us;
After all, everyone knows
that dreams do come true.


When developed this camp would be designed from scratch to accommodate physically challenged children as well as all the children with whom we now camp.

We find it unacceptable that there are  no camping facilities in Cape Town for those physically challenged.

We would also take able bodied children who have suffered abuse or trauma in their young lives. The possibilities are endless for how we can help more children.

Camping works, taking children away from the bleak Townships they live in, letting them enjoy nature and beautiful surroundings, is the finest medicine, we could.  

Are you interested in helping us in any of these areas:

  • To Be A Child Youth Club Volunteer
  • Camp Hope Volunteer
  • Administration
  • Sponsor
  • Help with Media
  • Other

Please Contact us at: 

contact @ rainbowdreamstrust.co.za