We Assist those Worthy but less Fortunate

We work with the clear goal
of supporting underprivileged youth
in Cape Town
to successfully navigate through
the many real dangers inherent
in growing up
in under-resourced communities. 

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Become part of the story

We have a team of volunteers who impart into these youngsters lives a positive attitude, vision and life skills – teaching them to take personal responsibility for their own lives.
How about joining us in the stories that are about to be written.

Dannie's Dream

Our Founder and Director, Dannie Kagan, established the charity in 2006 with the aim of fulfilling the hopes and dreams of underprivileged children and adults

Help fund Rainbow Dreams Trust –
Together we can change children’s lives

Let us know how you are able to help


Are you interested in helping us in any of these areas:

  • To Be A Child Youth Club Volunteer
  • Camp Hope Volunteer
  • Administration
  • Sponsor
  • Help with Media
  • Other

Please Contact us at: 

contact @ rainbowdreamstrust.co.za

Changing Lives - Together

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